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Image of Nobody's Muse/Nobody's Pendeja/Self Portrait

Nobody's Muse/Nobody's Pendeja/Self Portrait

10"x13" Print
I'm tired ya'll, I'm exhausted from seeing how femmes and WOC get looted by their partners, their co-workers, and others who steal their magic. I'm tired of amazing creative, divine feminine beings giving their all to shitty cis men, to shitty toxic partners. I drew my own portrait because I wanted to convey that no one has consent to take me as a muse. A muse is an excuse for an entire predominantly white, cis-het artistic canon to fetishize womxn without letting them speak for themselves. If you are one of those ain't shit men/toxic individuals: leave me out of your poetry, leave me out of your sad songs, find your own creative source without resorting to making femmes exhausted. If you're a fellow goddess, protect your magic. Create while being mindful of the moths that are attracted to your light. Don't make yourself small, for anyone. You are pure gold.

I am nobody's muse.
I am nobody's pendeja.
I belong to myself.