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Image of Elders: Audre Lorde

Elders: Audre Lorde

The Elders series honors figures that I consider to be political elders, folks whose lifelong activism serves as a model for doing work that matters, beyond youth and beyond a single-issue. Each elder is adorned with flowers, as a sign of respect and honor for their commitment to social justice.
Audre Lorde, a black poet, feminist, womanist, lesbian, and civil rights activist is the second elder featured in the series. My views on self-care have come a long way, particularly on who can access it and how it can be subtle; as personal and extensive as you choose. Lorde's quote on self-care featured in this piece struck a deep cord within me. It made me shift from seeing my own rituals from frivolous and unnecessary into self-preservation. The palm leaves that adorn Lorde are a direct reference to her Afro-Caribbean roots, to honor her Barbados and Carriacou ancestry.