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1.     Where can I read more about you and your work?

·        There have been several interviews and in-depth articles about my work and art practice. You can find a few linked below:

VICE | The Creators Project 

Art for Ourselves Interview

La Gente Magazine: Dissecting Angélica Becerra's Art


2. Do you do commissions? 

·        At the moment I am not accepting individual commissions. I am open to collaborating with social movements, media and other artivist projects, you can find an example below:

3.  How long will my print order take to get to me?

·       The length of time it takes for your art to get to you depends on the type of print ordered and where you live. Gliclee velvet prints ship after 2-3 days from New York City to me, and then to you. I work very closely with a family-owned printing press in upstate New York to ensure quality and keep the price affordable. Lustre Photo prints take about 1-2 days to print as well. If you live in the U.S. your prints will take 4 business days + up to 3 days depending on the print you got.

4. Do you sell originals?

·       At the moment I do not sell original portraits.

5.  How can I find out about your next exhibition or new work?

·       The best way to be up to date with my latest projects is social media, especially my Instagram. I also do occasional art giveaways and live painting videos on that account.

6. What is the best way to contact you?

For press and any inquiries, the best way to reach me is the contact form on this website. You can find it by clicking “Contact” from the drop down menu at the top left corner of this page.